305 Florida Contractors works with the best architects, engineers, designers and installers to elevate your space to the next level.


Bathroom Renovation

Whether it’s a small or a big bathroom-remodeling project is just as exciting to see it all come together.  We take care of everything from demolition to tiling, tub installation, shower construction, plumbing, and electrical and all final details.

Kitchen Remodeling

Ready to design the kitchen of your dreams?  We have extensive experience designing and remodeling kitchens.   With an array of cabinets and countertops to choose from you’ll have fun choosing which style you like best.


Home improvement

Making a small change in a room can make a big difference, making your living space more enjoyable and usable.  Remodeling starts with as simple as an accent wall, painting or knocking down a wall for an open concept kitchen.

Home Remodeling with YOU in mind



305 Florida Contractors specializes in home remodeling, making your living space as beautiful and practical as you imagined. We listen, plan and take action.

Our professional team is ready to design and remodel your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, design and build your patio, install new roof and help increase the value of your home.

With over ten years of experience we are ready for your remodeling and repairs. Call us to discuss your next residential renovation.

Design, Repairs & Installations

• Bathroom Remodeling

• Kitchen design and remodeling

• Home Additions

• Garage Conversions

• Patio design and construction

• Full Property Rehabilitation

• R.E.O Maintenance & Painting

• Framing - Metal & Wood

• Drywall installation

• Door installation

• Painting interior and exterior

• Crown Molding










Making a difference with the details and service



Year-round Property Management Services offering maintenance and repairs for apartment buildings, hotels, rental properties, stores, condominium and complexes for all South Florida.

Repairs & Installations

• Seasonal maintenance

• Department Store Maintenance & Repairs

• New Kitchen Installation

• Bathroom repairs and remodeling

• Electrical repair

• Caulking

• Exterior and interior painting

• Pressure Cleaning

• Door installation

• Framing

• Drywall repairs and replacement

• New floor installation

• Plumbing

• Crown Molding







Adding beauty, comfort and value to your home


Home Additions | Terrace Construction | Garage Conversions

Perhaps, you do not foresee the demand for more living space or even storage space at the time you first bought your house. Our remodeling services cover everything from a standard garage conversion for a lounge room or additional bedroom to a home addition requiring new structures, concrete groundwork, tie beams, and roof extension. 305 Florida Contractors, a team of Florida Certified General Contractors, can assist you in the planning process of adding the required space to your residence to meet your personal preferences.

Whether you need a home expansion as a result of a growing family or just seeking fun space or a new terrace to enjoy the weekends, we are here to take you step-by-step through the process. Right from blueprint designs to full development, 305 Florida Contractors have always worked in partnership with homeowners in accomplishing their construction needs. Get In Touch With Us today; we have an amazing construction team to keep things moving for your upcoming home addition project.





High-end living right in your home



Expert landscaping anchors a home to the location, relates it to the natural environment and then designs an appealing and welcoming entrance space to a residence. A landscape designer or architect works with living plants and flowers as well as construction materials to create for future development and maintenance and the present appearance. Landscaping architectural structures is rather regional; therefore, seek out a landscape designer in Miami that’s knowledgeable about the local weather and plant varieties that produce best results there.