Complete Property Rehabilitation

In many instances, R.E.O. properties are left vandalized with defective or missing gadgets, drawers, interior furnishing and desolate pools. 305 Florida Contractors offers a way of completely rehabilitating the facility to move-in conditions, having the property more attractive to potential buyers and much easier to sell.

For our Complete Property Rehabilitation solutions give us a call at 305.468.1915.

Code Compliance / Violations

R.E.O. properties are likewise being procured by lenders/homeowners with significant Code Violations making the sale the property to a customer requiring funding difficult.

305 Florida Contractors have built an R.E.O. Services Team, which is prepared to be dispatched everywhere in South Florida. Members fully understand Code Compliance Violation measures and communicating with local code enforcement to acquire 'work-out' terms. 305 Florida Contractors has the expertise and tools to help homeowner sell or auction off R.E.O. property.

R.E.O. Maintenance, Housecleaning & Painting

For all those R.E.O. Properties left by former occupants in good conditions we provide much simpler services including cleaning, painting, lawn care as well as other routine maintenance needed to keep the property in an orderly manner.

For our R.E.O. Maintenance solutions, contact us 305.468.1915 |