CORAL GABLES HANDYMAN: Making moving Fast & Easy

Moving your business to a new and improved location it’s exciting, but also time consuming.  Your hands should be busy doing what you they do best and giving your clients 100% of your talent and time.  Here is how Mosaik Hair Artistry was up and running in one day at their new salon.

1.     We planned ahead. Asked the client exactly what he needed, how many cabinets, sizes, & square feet of new location

2.     Took all the right tools

3.     Started early

4.     Design and layout prior to starting

Congratulations to Mosaik Hair Artistry on their new and beautiful salon in Coral Gables.   It was a pleasure helping you install the new cabinets and your company sign.  Now let the hair art begin for this busy weekend ahead! 


Mosaik Hair Artistry

155 Majorca Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33134